English-Spanish, Spanish-English Sworn Translator and Interpreter

Translation from Spanish->English and English-Spanish.

I am an English sworn translator.

I am registered in the Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I am authorised to certify the authenticity of any documentation written in English or Spanish. Such documents will be officially recognised in Spain and will contain my signature and stamp.


General English and Spanish Translation

It is also possible to make a translation from English into Spanish and Spanish into English for the following areas: tourism & leisure, finance, literature, websites, legislation, technical documents, company & business, education & culture, etc…


General Russian and Spanish Translation

I can also make translations into Spanish of a general nature about texts written in Russian.


Sworn & General Translations in other languages

I am part of a network of sworn translators from different parts of Europe. If you need assistance in any other languages I will put you in touch with other translators.


English and Spanish Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is usually necessary in the following situations: business meetings, trips abroad, telephone communications, during office processes (notary, court, police, hospitals, town and city halls etc) tours, etc.

Azahara Casado Morcillo


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