English-Spanish, Spanish-English Sworn Translator and Interpreter

Fees / Price List

Generally speaking the price of a translation depends on the number of words.

  • Translation €0.12/word.

For sworn translation and general translation the minimum fee is €45.

For longer translations (more than 15,000 words) the price is negotiable.

Postage & packaging

Sworn translations may incur an additional fee due to the postage and package costs.

The delivery can be made by post (express or standard) or by courier according to your wishes. Non-sworn translations do not incur these additional fees as they can be sent via email


If you send me the document you wish to be translated you will receive a quote without any obligation on your behalf. You only need to press the following button:

Interpreting services

Interpreting services are charged at €45 per hour.

Where the interpreting services require travel, accommodation and lunch expenses, the client and myself will agree a maximum allowance. I will provide the client with all necessary receipts for reimbursement.


VAT shall be charged based on the current rate and at the time the service was provided.

Azahara Casado Morcillo


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